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Our Super Cattle in Seattle menu includes a range of the members of the bovine family. Some have been raised entirely on pasture. Some are finished on grain.  And this year add some unusual bovines including American Bison and Water Buffalo (depending on the day), all reared right here in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Wagyu Beef


     is both delicious and expensive. True Kobe comes only from the Hyogo Pefecture of Japan. Known as "WAGYU"

     (Japanese for “Japanese Cattle”), the “Kobe Beef” raised in America is from select genetics that came to this country about 25 years ago.

    Ancient Breed

    The breed itself is the result of the isolation of cattle introduced to Japan in the Second Century. Originally draft animals, the isolated breed became legendary for its eating quality.

    Highest Amount of Marbling

    The current American USDA beef grading system doesn’t have a classification that extends to the abundant marbling from Wagyu cattle. This marbling creates wonderful eating with a buttery texture and unmatched succulence. This is our own 100% pure-blood steer, raised for us in Gold Beach, Oregon.

  • Water Buffalo

    Water Buffalo: From Oregon!

    The African Water Buffalo is very dangerous. But the Asian Water Buffalo was domesticated 5,000 years ago and has served for plowing, milk, and meat. Brought to Italy, it flourished and  is prized for its milk: the richest of any animal's. True mozzarella cheese—mozzarella di bufala—is made only from Water Buffalo milk.

         In addition to the milk, the meat of Water Buffalo is low in calories and cholesterol, yet high in protein and iron. Because the meat  is leaner than domestic beef, it is best when braised or slow cooked.

         Presently there are only about 400 Water Buffalo in Oregon, making this a rare opportunity to sample this lesser-known member of the bovine community.


  • The American Bison

    Pasture-Raised Oregon Bison: A Flavor from the Past

    Until the mid-19th Century, millions of Bison roamed the grasslands and forests of this continent. Bison meat supported great Indian nations. Though almost driven to extinction, bison numbers have rebounded due to conservation and ranching. Bison is lower in fat and cholesterol than beef, but has similar flavor with a slightly sweeter taste. Our Oregon Bison spent their entire lives living and grazing on pasture.

Super Cattle in Seattle
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