A MENU FOR A Mycologist's Dream Exploring the Wild Mushrooms of the Northwest A 9-Course Dinner At The Herbfarm • 19 October -11 November 2017 A Fungi Introduction Chanterelle Mushroom Donut with Tarragon.. HERBFARM QUINCE CIDER. Fungi Triad • Sandwich of Kelp Cracker and Crispy Cod Skin Filled with Charred Broccoli and Shiitake Confit • Scallop Noodles with Enoki, Smoked Ikura Butter. • Tempura of Cauliflower Mushroom, Coriandered Sockeye Tartare. BLUE MOUNTAIN BRUT, CANADIAN OKANAGAN, BRITISH COLUMBIA Staff of Life • Bâtard of Freshly-Harvested Herbfarm "Renan" Wheat Bread • Grilled House-Churned Butter • Mushroom & Onion Bread Pudding Clam & Abalone Razor Clam Schnitzel, Ground Cherries, Horseradish, Pickled Abalone Mushrooms, Shiso-Parsley Sauce. 2016 N.W. WINE ACADEMY MÜLLER-THURGAU, PUGET SOUND Matsutake Matsutake Mushroom Confit, Fermented & Grilled Cabbage, Smoked Cod Broth, Devil's Club-Cedar Oil. 2016 LUMOS "RUDOLFO" PINOT GRIS, WILLAMETTE VALLEY Hail the Bolete Wild Boletus Pudding, Slow-Roasted Autumn Fruit-Roots-&-'Shrooms, Duck Liver Sauce, Fennel Flower Pollen. 2015 BIG TABLE FARM PINOT NOIR, YAMHILL-CARLTON, OREGON Lamb & the Gatherer's Basket Big Raviolo of Jeff Roger's Snoqualmie Pastured Lamb Ragu, Alderwood-Grilled Lamb Tenderloin, Abundance of Gathered Mushrooms. 2013 OWEN ROE CABERNET SAUVIGNON, YAKIMA VALLEY Mushrooms Meet Cider Hand-Pulled Strudel with Cider-Braised Chanterelles & Saffron Milk Caps, Melted Cascadia Creamery Sawtooth Raw Cow's Milk Cheese. The Maple Syrup Mushroom Fresh Cheese-Curd-Stuffed French Brioche Toast, Wild Candy Cap Mushroom Sugar, Bee's Wax Ice Cream. Beer Tart. Pumpkin Chiffon. Tart of Beer Caramel, Pumpkin Chiffon, White Chocolate & Lavender. 2008 MARYHILL RESERVE PORT, COLUMBIA VALLEY Coffees, Native Beverages & Teas Coffees, Teas, and Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Big Mac Wild Huckleberry & Oregon Truffle Macaron Enrobed in Dark Chocolate.

Some of the Autumn Edible

Mushrooms of the Region

Get in the mood for mushrooms with Langdon Cook's fast-pace story of the lives of professional mushroom hunters in the Pacific Northwest!

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