The Herbarl Atelier


JULY TAKES US into the garden and afield. With this two-week-only(! )menu, we explore some of the intriguing flavors that seldom appear on the American Table.

When we opened The Herbfarm restaurant back in 1986, remarkably few people had heard of plants such as Scented Geraniums or Lemon Verbena. We we said we were serving ice cream flavored with fresh bay leaves, people would look at us in disbelief -- or even disgust.

Now such things are almost normal, but

we set the bar a bit higher with this menu, and take up both the wild kingdom as well as some of the less usual herbal flavors. All this is paired with seasonal finds, seafood, and other summer delights.

So, gather up friends and family and join us as we celebrate at July's early table. It’s a treat not to be missed!



June's Unfurling Flavors

New Discoveries and

Half-Forgotten Pleasures


The Herbfarm


"You can't help but applaud at the end."­    The FINANCIAL TIMES of LONDON