Pear and Quince evoke the sense of the harvest table.
Celebrate the harvest with cultivated and wild-gathered foods exclusively from the Pacific Northwest. At The Herbfarm, Woodinville, Washington


OUR MENU FOR THE HARVEST TABLE embraces the feasting season, a touchstone whose traditions still beckon over time, bound to each locale through custom, legend, and lore.

    Now, with our own autumn crops safely in, we also go afield in search of primal foods, reaping Nature’s wild flavors to enrich the laden table.

     Join us in a culinary exploration with family and friends. Bask in the candle light of the dining room. Float on the live guitar notes. Taste the flavors of past, present, and future.

    Reserve your table today.  Join this ancient magic!

The Harvest Table






The feasting season has been celebrated for centuries.




Where's the Turkey?

On THANKSGIVING DAY we'll be serving real Narragansett Turkey as the "Main Course." A cross with the American Wild Turkey, Narragansetts were the turkeys of early America from the 17th Century onward. Listed on the Slow Food "Arc of Taste," these free-ranging birds harken to an era where small farms dominated our foodscape, and real flavor was still close at hand.

     When you dine on Thanksgiving, you'll also take home a Roast Turkey Sandwich and Pumpkin Pie to enjoy next day, just as if you'd done the work yourself!


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