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TWO NATURAL WONDERS dramatically shaped the indigenous landscape of the Pacific Northwest prior to European contact. One was the cedar tree. The other was salmon.

Cedar—rot resisted, easily split, and easily worked—was the mainstay for homes, storage boxes, canoes, and high art.

Salmon—in abundance beyond the wildest dreams of the coming whites— was a rich and reliable food that could be smoked and dried for winter storage.




A Feast Hosting the Iconic Fish of our Pacific Coast

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of Pacific Salmon


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A MENU** FOR Salmon Nation Showcasing the Bounty of Our "Salmon Nation"— The Most Bountiful of America's 10 "Food Nations" A 9-Course Dinner at The Herbfarm • 17 May - 3 June 2018 First Salmon • Crispy Salmon Skin "Chicharrón" • Salmon Tartare TRADITIONAL WARM SMOKED-SALMON-HEAD SIPPING BROTH Three Nations • Clambake Nation: Clam-&-Elderberry-Caper Sauce with Halibut Croquettes. • Bison Nation: Bison Crudo, Fermented Egg White Sauce, Shiso, Fresh Radishes. • Gator Nation: Sturgeon Mock Gator, Gooseneck Butter, Lovage, Wild Onions. BLUE MOUNTAIN BRUT, CANADIAN OKANAGAN, BRITISH COLUMBIA Bread & Spreads • Mini White Country Sourdough Loaf • Aged Butter • Turnip-Green Pesto. Abalone Nation Roasted Red Abalone, Turnip, Rhubarb, Lemon Thyme. HERBFARM SWEET WOODRUFF MAY WINE Chili Pepper Nation Smoked Chili Pepper Broth, Pellegrini Beans, Spot Prawns, Herbfarm Ham. 2014 EYRIE VINEYARDS ESTATE PINOT GRIS, DUNDEE HILLS, OREGON Maple Syrup Nation Spring Morel Tempura, Egg-Yolk Pudding, Big Leaf Maple Syrup, Tarragon. 2017 SYNCLINE WINERY ROSÉ, HORSE HEAVEN HILLS, WASHINGTON Salmon Nation Smoked Copper River King Salmon, Smoked Chum Salmon Roe, Beet Sauce & Greens, Fennel, Oregon Wasabi Root. 2015 BIG TABLE FARM PINOT NOIR, YAMHILL COUNTY, OREGON Cornbread & Barbecue Nation BBQ Boletus, Herbfarm Flint Cornbread, Sage, Grated Sheep-Milk Cheese. Wild Rice Nation Wild Rice Cereal, Sweet Woodruff Buttermilk, Preserved Berries. Pinyon Nut Nation Pinenut Tart, Angelica Ice Cream, Spruce Needle Syrup. 2015 SILVAN RIDGE SEMI-SPARKLING EARLY MUSCAT, WILLAMETTE VALLEY Coffee, Teas & Native Beverages Choice of Coffees, Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Small Fry • Iced Chocolate-Mint Milk-Chocolate Milk • Warm Lavender Madeleines ﷯**This is the menu plan. The menu can and will vary from day to day depending on the availability of fish and other ingredients and the chef's inspirations. Alaska Fish & Game has allows only limited openings for Copper River King Salmon..

For at least 12,000 years, salmon in their many forms have centered life here on the North Pacific Coast.

The six species of Pacific Salmon were the primary food for the indigenous peoples of the region. Available in great abundance, their flesh was eaten fresh, cooked over smoky fires, and made into soups, the water heated with fiery hot rocks in cedar boxes.

In addition, to being a place of fabulous salmon, the Slow Food organization has mapped North America into "Food Nations," 10 of which are in the United States and of which we are "Salmon Nation."

Of all of these food regions, we believe we are favored to live the one that is both most diverse as well as most abundant.

To this end— and for fun!— we also dedicate this menu to using only "Salmon Nation" foods to show that we can create signature foods of all of the other nine food nations as well as our own. From maple syrup derived from our local Big Leaf Maple, to wild rice, pine nuts, abalone, and bison, this menu takes you on a ranging culinary journey
thanks to the richness of our Salmon Nation.

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