Where (Truly) Every Last Molecule of Food & Beverage Must

Originate No More than 100 Miles from Our Dining Room.



It’s the stuff you never think about that’s the hardest to source for the “every molecule” part of the 100 miles. Here are some of the ingredients we must make ourselves:

• Salt

• Vinegars

• Corn meal

• Molasses

• Worcestershire


• Mustards

• Capers

• Baking Powder

• Cheese rennet

• Sourdough

Some common things we can’t cook with or serve for the 100-Mile Dinner:

• Black Pepper

• Olive Oil

• Citrus (anytime)

• Oregon, Alaska, Walla Walla “stuff”

Once each year The Herbfarm creates a 9-course tasting menu with every last molecule of ingredients is sources from within 100 Miles.




100-Mile Dinner

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See how we make the local salt



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