of an odour gradually coming

towards us,

something musky, fiery, savoury, mysterious,—a hot drowsy smell,

that lulls the senses,

and yet enflames them,—

 the truffles were coming.

—William Thackeray






TRUFFLES ENGENDER VISIONS of exotic and fabulously expensive tubers from France and Italy. But properly ripe native Oregon truffles can be equally as aromatic. Only in the past 20 years have the several special of Oregon truffles been recognized for their culinary qualities,though that great gourmet, James Beard, promoted their worth beginning back in the 1970's.

     Though called "Oregon" truffles, the native black and white truffles of the Pacific Northwest are also found in Washington and southern British Columbia. With European truffle production declining due to habitat loss, it is fortunate indeed that our native truffles are found in the topsoil below younger Douglas Fir forests.

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Our Native Culinary Truffles of the Pacific Northwest

The Northwest is home to four known culinary truffles:

  • Leucangium carthusianum, the Oregon black truffle
  • Tuber oregonense, the Oregon winter white
  • Tuber gibbosum, the Oregon spring white, and
  • Kalapuya brunnea, the rare Oregon brown truffle.







SAVEUR Magazine on Oregon Truffles


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