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Positions Available
  • Fine Dining Server (and sommelier?)
  • Lead Farmer, Gardener, Harvester
  • Sommelier Assistant-temporary (or permanent 2020)

    Sommelier Assistant-temporary (or permanent 2020)

    Supervised By

    Bruce Acthermann and Carrie Van Dyck


    Join The Herbfarm -- one of America's premier restaurants with one of the top wine programs and the most attentive service--as wine service assistant. With the re-opening of our dining room post Covid we find ourselves short one wine conversant elegant server.

    We are considering temporary help although, ideally we'd hire that Server/Sommelier position also posted here.

    You'll be on the floor for service most Thursdays through Sundays (we will even consider one day per week backup support) during our nine-course seasonally and regionally influenced tastings menus that have been paired with 5 Northwest wines. beers or herbal botanicals.


    This description is written as a temporary, fill-in support role...for more permanent position...we should talk.

    • Assists nightly wine service pouring pre-selected wines
    • Presents, opens, serves wine table-side for additional bottle sales
    • Assists guests to make additional beverage/sampler selections
    • Supports retail sales of bottles--silent salesmen in wine cellar displays
    • Focus on local and regional wines as well as wines of the world
    • Assists nightly general service as time and skills allow

    Experience & Qualifications

    • At least 3 years professional wine service/sales experience
    • Able to share passion and enthusiasm for wine with down-to-earth openness without alienating beginners while capturing the interest of experienced wine folk
    • Strong knowledge of the world's wines with particular emphasis on the wines of the Pacific Northwest
    • Good posture, body language, personal grooming, and steady hands
    • Pleasant personality with a winning smile
    • Stamina and the ability to be on one's feet for 5-6 hours (with the pleasant attitude above)
    • Above average command of English language

    Character traits

    • Intelligent, quick, witty yet serious and focused
    • Emotionally mature
    • Energetic, Enthusiastic, Consistent, Persistent
    • Caring, communicates well (about the good and the bad) with guests and staff
    • Graciousness, ability to be "owner"
    • Calm under pressure, think on your feet


    • Generally Thursday through Sunday service
    • 1-4 evenings per week (Dinner 7p Thu-Sat, 4:30 Sun)
    • Approximate 6-25 hours per week

    Benefits and Compensation

    BENEFITS (details in Employee Handbook)
    • Hourly Market Rate