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Ron's Weekly Wednesday, MArch 3, 2021

We're Open -- Your Table Awaits

After the most-recent State-mandated 99-day shut down, we're here to take your reservations through the end of May. You can book online 24-hours a day. Or give us a jingle at 425-485-5300. See what we're are doing to keep you safe at The Herbfarm. This week's dinner theme is "The Farmer's Table," where a lot of interesting cooking and plate-up takes place right in our beautiful dining room on our big farmer's table for your enjoyment.

To reserve your table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 p.m., or here online 24 hours a day! See you soon for a 9-course candle-lit extravaganza complete with romantic Spanish guitar!


Current Theme: Farmers Table
With harvest safely in, cooks and farmers partner for this winter's fete. Meet our ranchers and growers as The Herbfarm chefs fuse kitchen to dining room, entering the dining hall to cut, carve, present, and plate hearty fare, memorable libations, and indelible memories from the great Farmer's Table. Each night, one of our farmer or rancher friends will join us for dinner. Depending on availability, 5 to 8 guests may also opt to dine at the same table as the guest farmer. First come, though. So don't delay.
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