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Ron's Weekly Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Glittering End. A New Beginning.

The match is struck. The candles are lit. The guitar player plucks the strings. And your evening begins...a romantic interlude, a winter fantasy and chance to engage family and friends around the good table.

Our menu this week is "The Moon & the Stars," a bountiful winter menu of sweet seafood, native truffles, wild steelhead, Wagyu beef, and the brisk flavors of the forest trees.

Let us distill that essence into a night you'll long remember. Pull up your cozy chair. Let the kitchen regale you with 9-courses of holiday fare attuned to the essence of this time and place. Our culinary offerings ranges from the timeless (butter hand churned right here; wild yeast breads from our wood-fired oven) to a touch of magic.

Our nightly Garden Tour (indoors this time of year) begins at 6:30. Come at 6:10 and we'll also have an Open House in the Wine Cellar where you can check out the largest restaurant wine cellar in the Northwest. This is also the most extensive collection of Oregon and Washington wines in the world.

If this weren't enough, New Year's Eve adds 3 French Champagnes, European wines, Washington's greatest Cabernet, a rare 100-point dessert wines, and an international opera star who will sing popular songs as well as classic arias--and of course, Auld Lang Syne! New Year's Eve is almost full.

Treat yourself. Come and celebrate. And for special gift, call us for gift certificate for dinners, dollar amounts, dinner and overnight stay, and special experiences.

To reserve your table, give us a call at 425-485-5300 between 10 am and 5 p.m., or here on line 24 hours a day!


Current Theme: Truffle Treasure
The wild native truffles of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia will seduce you!
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