The North Pacific Coast is home to nearly 20,000 different mushrooms. Their effects range greatly but for this menu, we focus on the most esculent varieties. Throughout the year, one mushroom or another will be in season at any given moment, but autumn is high season for an abundance of the edible and delicious fungi. Since 1986, we have featured an annual mushroom feast, bringing the flavors of the forager’s basket to the comfort of our table. Each one with its own taste, texture and intended destination on the menu. Experience the deep and enduring flavors of autumn. Come celebrate friendship, family or simply the spoils of a successful hunt.


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A MENU FOR A Mycologist's Dream Exploring the Wild Mushrooms of the Northwest A 9-Course Dinner at The Herbfarm • 14 - 30 October 2021 First Forage Mushroom Pop-Tart with Thyme. Warm Apple Cider with Lemon Thyme. Truffle Shuffle Oregon Black Truffle Soup with Lemon Thyme Cream. Crispy SnoValley Mushrooms with Pickled Pepper Powder. Baked Oyster with Sorrel & Fermented Mushroom. Kiwi Ice with Fig Leaf Oil. Salmon Tartar with Pickled Abalone Mushrooms & Shiso. 2016 RMS Brut, Willamette Valley, OR Box of Grain Soft Pretzels, Renan Batard & Herbfarm Cultured Butter. In the Pines Spot Prawn “Hot Pot” with Ham Consummé, Pine Nut & Shaved Pine Mushrooms. 2019 Cristom Estate Viognier, Eola-Amity Hills, OR Kantharos of Coney Rabbit & Chantrelle “Blanquette” with Pear & Tarragon. 2019 Valdemar Estate Chardonnay, Walla Walla, WA All the Kings Horses Wood-Roasted King Bolete with Dill Sauce & Steamed Mustard Greens. 2018 Johan Vineyards Blaufrankisch, Willamette Valley, OR The Mushroom Hunter Little Farm by the Sea’s Rotisserie Peking Duck with 5 Kinds of Mushrooms & Hunters’ Sauce. 2013 J.K. Carriere “Vespidae”, Willamette Valley, OR Maia Studies Abroad Briar Rose “Maia” with Onion Gratin, 
Alba Truffle & Honey from Our Farm. Rose by Another Name Smyrna Quince Sorbet with Rose Geranium Cream. Candy Cap Ashmead's Kernel Apple Mousse With Candy Cap Mushroom Caramel. 2017 Sparkman Hallelujah Port, Snipes Mountain, WA Native Beverages, Coffee & Tea Choice of Coffees, Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. One More Morel Morel Mushroom & Butterscotch Donut. Info or Reservations 10a-5p Every Day 425-485-5300


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