A 9-Course Dinner where every single ingredient is sourced locally (even the salt).
 A 9-Course Dinner Where (Truly) Every Last Molecule of Food & Beverage Must Originate No More than 100 Miles from Our Dining Room. The Herbfarm • 29 July - 22 August 2021 Summer Nosh Pre-Dinner Snack: Fried Green Tomatoes, Grape-Seed Aïoli, Herbfarm-Cured Ham. Summer Blackberry-Nasturtium Soda Tide & Tilth Manila Clam Custard, Sorrel & Lovage Juice, Agretti Saltwort. 2019 MADRONE CELLARS “48-DEGREES NORTH” PINOT NOIR-ORTEGA SPARKLING WINE, PUGET SOUND AVA Bread & Butter • Herbarm Sourdough Renan Wheat Bâtard. • Herbfarm House-Churned Cultured Butter from Snoqualmie Valley Cows. Crab Talk Warm Dungeness Crab & Cucumber Salad, 100-Mile Fig Leaf “Curry”. 2020 LOPEZ ISLAND VINEYARDS ESTATE SIEGERREBE, LOPEZ ISLAND You Say Potato, I Say Tomato Potato Croquant, Fennel Pollen, Mussels, Tomatoes. HERBFARM 100-MILE BEER OF SKYKOMISH VALLEY TALLISMAN BARLEY, ARTESIAN WELL WATER, LOCAL HOPS. Vegging Out Oyster Mushrooms, Concentrated Zucchini, Fermented Green Beans, Basil. 2012 WILRIDGE ESTATE NEBBIOLO, NACHES HEIGHTS Guinea Hog Lavender-&-Marjoram Grilled Chinook Farms Guinea Hog, Spiced Nduja Pork, Wenatchee Apricots. 2017 ROCKY POND ESTATE DOUBLE D SYRAH, COLUMBIA VALLEY Bloomin’ Soufflé Soufflé of Black Sheep Creamery Sheep Cheese in Squash Blossom, Hazelnut Crumble, Lake Chelan Saffron Sauce. Just Peachy Red Haven Peaches with Anise Hyssop Ice. Sundae! Sundae! Cinnamon Basil Ice Cream Sundae, Barley Malt Fudge, Blueberries, Meringues. 2018 HARD ROW TO HOE LATE-HARVEST GEWURZTRAMINER, LAKE CHELAN AVA Plant Infusions Choice of Wild-Crafted "Coffee," Local Teas, Herbal Infusions, And Historic Bark & Root Decoctions of the American West. Rhubarb & Rose Rhubarb Candy with Rose Geranium & Shiso. BEHIND THE SCENES It’s the stuff you never think about that’s the hardest to source for the “every molecule” part of the 100 miles. Here are some of the ingredients we must make ourselves: • Salt • Vinegars • Corn meal • Molasses • Worcestershire

• Mustards

• Capers

• Baking Powder

• Cheese rennet

• Sourdough

Some common things we can’t cook with or serve for the 100-Mile Dinner: • Black Pepper • Olive Oil • Citrus (anytime) • Oregon, Alaska, Walla Walla “stuff”
Once each year The Herbfarm creates a 9-course tasting menu with every last molecule of ingredients is sources from within 100 Miles.




Can every dish be sourced or created from ingredients found no more than 100 miles from the dining room? (And when we say "everything," we really mean it!) WHAT IF THE REST OF THE WORLD VANISHED? What would be the flavors of a cuisine of the "Salish Sea*?"﷯ When you join us for our 100-Mile Dinner, you’ll dine on 9 courses created exclusively from ingredients, wines, and beverages grown, created, or gathered from no more than 100 miles from The Herbfarm. We start with our own farm, 1 mile away. And we end up having to even make the salt! Experience and taste the real, unadulterated essence of this region unfiltered through outside flavors. Partake in this completely unique modern culinary adventure! 
Experience this culinary challenge that takes place nowhere else in the world. Secure you place today.
"Salish Sea" is now an internationally accepted term for the body of water comprised of Washington's Puget Sound, Hood Canal, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca as well as the Strait of Georgia, which is between Vancouver Island and the Canadian mainland. The usage recognizes and reunites the geography, biology, and culture of this region. * "Saleratus" is what was used before Baking Powder was invented in the 1850's. We make it by leaching wood ash from our oven and concentrating it to a powder. **If we can't use pepper and have to make our own salt and baking powder, you've probably figured out that coffee, a tropical shrub, isn't a 100-mile ingredient. See how we make the local salt
How we make the salt for this dinner More Info or Reservations 10a-5p Every Day 425-485-5300
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