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Award Winning
Wine List

When you dine at The Herbfarm, our sommeliers will be pairing 5 or 6 wines to match the range of flavors on the nightly 9-course tasting menu. These wines are poured freely, within common sense limits, throughout the evening and are included with your dinner.

Seasonal Thematic Dinners


A Mycologist's Dream

One of America's great wild mushroom feasts gathered by our staff forager from the wilds of the Northwest. The Herbfarm's master wild-food forager travels hundreds of miles and often hikes deep into the mountains to gather wild mushrooms for our "Menu for a Mycologist's Dream".

- October 31st

Harvest Table

Our menu for Harvest Table embraces the feasting season and the hearth, and allowing us to cook with smoke, fire, and embers. It is a touchstone whose traditions still resonate over time, bound to our locale through custom, legend and lore.

November 25th - November 28th

The Holly & The Ivy

The dining room is dressed from head to toe, the fire crackles, the tree glows, the merriment of the holidays flow.

December 24th

The Moon and The Stars

The holiday season reaches a peak with our "Moon and Stars" series. Luxurious foods are showcased with fine wines in a festive end-of-year setting.

December 29th - December 30th

New Year's Eve Gala

Bid farewell to the old year and welcome in the new with an extravagant dinner. The glittering evening offers old- and new-world wines, live music, Auld Lang Syne, and plenty of memories! Festive dress suggested.

December 29th - December 31st

The Solace of Winter

It is the season of truffles. The reason we stock our larder and the time we set aside to tell stories of seasons past.
It is the hearty spirit of winter in this place. It is when cooking and sharing a meal becomes the day's event.

January 6th - January 30th

Truffle Treasure

Join us to celebrate the mid-winter season of truffles. As part of a long standing tradition, we'll focus this meal exclusively on these underground fungi and shower them throughout the menu.

January 9th