A celebration of the foods and wines of the Pacific Northwest. A thematic nine course dinner with matched wines and a single seating nightly.


FIELD NOTES September 25, 2021

Where there's smoke, there's fire!

There is a childlike nostalgia that comes with the golden glow between summer and fall. Maybe it's the anticipation we all feel for the comfort of a gentler season. Maybe it's the fleeting nature of seasons that we embrace while we settle into shorter days. Or, maybe it's the appearance of the ingredients we planted early in the year with the hope --



Current Theme: Knife Fork Smoke

Explore the primal flavors of the past as we wrest them from flame, coal and flavoring smokes. Every course features an old-time cooking technique, sleuthing half-forgotten memories. The wood-fired oven intensely roasts and caramelizes. Flickering flames season and lick at the rotisserie and grill as we roast, sear, bake, barbecue, smoke and pit roast this summer's end.