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Ron's Weekly Monday, October 18, 2021

The Mushrooms are Coming!

If April showers bring May flowers, then September rain gives us more mushrooms than we can name.

Despite a long and warm summer, mushrooms are in bloom at many elevations here in the Northwest and it is with constant amazement that we watch this annual phenomenon yield a spectrum of colors and flavors - a vast array of ever intriguing delights.

Golden Chantrelles were first out of the gate utilizing their namesake "fog-drip" for ground water. Now, we are seeing the first big flush of King Boletus or Porcini. These dense little "piggies" are the king of the forest with their meaty flavor and heady aroma once they hit the pan. The Matsutake, or pine mushrooms, prized for their sharp scent, come down the hills from their rocky, volcanic soil homes to be shaved like truffles into a warm dish, lending their intoxicating (flavor-wise, I mean) effects.

And there are more: Lion's Mane, Chantrelles of other colors, Bears Tooth, Cauliflower, Saffron Milk Cap....the list goes on. Some will come and some will go, always to be replaced by more treasures found deep in the forest. And, that is not to forget: a place where mushrooms grow well in the wild is also a place where incredibly high quality varieties are also cultivated by skilled farmers who pick and deliver them to our back door the same day.

Foragers have long called this place home for all of these reasons. It is an economy all its own and, a culture that contributes to this place so steeped in foodways. It takes a hearty spirit to head into the damp woods during these cooler months but one that feeds the belly and the soul.


Current Theme: A Mycologist's Dream
One of America's great wild mushroom feasts gathered by our staff forager from the wilds of the Northwest. The Herbfarm's master wild-food forager travels hundreds of miles and often hikes deep into the mountains to gather wild mushrooms for our "Menu for a Mycologist's Dream".
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