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Ron's Weekly Monday, January 17, 2022

Winter is Upon Us

Solace : The word itself summons images of the quiet that happens after a fresh snow fall. It seems only fitting that the peacefulness following the end of one year and the beginning of the next be affixed to this word. In our Northern climate, it is a time for a semi-hibernated state, for contemplation and projection.

While the hands in our kitchen remain busy through these months, the wheels are turning while reimagining the static ingredients of winter and the possibility of what lies ahead as we make plans for the farm.

Currently, we are sprouting greens and watching garlic shoots reach skyward. We are harvesting wild greens from the field and hedgerow, pulling overwintered and stored crops. In the mountains, the winter mushrooms push through snow while winter truffles ripen beneath the duff. The coastline yields shellfish sweetened by icy waters. In the seed trays are the shining stars for months to come: greens and peas, radishes and celery root. Spring will be celebrated soon but for now, let us take in a deep breath and enjoy the Solace of Winter.


Current Theme: The Solace of Winter
It is the season of truffles. The reason we stock our larder and the time we set aside to tell stories of seasons past. It is the hearty spirit of winter in this place. It is when cooking and sharing a meal becomes the day's event.
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