A celebration of the foods and wines of the Pacific Northwest. A thematic nine course dinner with matched wines and a single seating nightly.


Ron's Weekly Message February 27, 2020

A Menu with All Red Wines!

If you're of the persuasion that wine isn't serious unless it is of the red genre, then this is a menu for you. It's our once-a-year ''Menu for Red Heads", an all-red exploration of food and wine. With this menu we select an array of red wines and challenge the chefs to create a menu appropriate to the wines. This is the reverse of our normal food- ...READ MORE


Current Theme: A Menu for Red Heads (red wines)

Day in and day out throughout the year, we create a timely menu inspired by the best local ingredients. Then -- and only then -- the wines are matched to the foods. With this menu, Chef Weber is challenged to create a menu to accompany only an array of red wines.