A celebration of the foods and wines of the Pacific Northwest. A thematic nine course dinner with matched wines and a single seating nightly.


Ron's Weekly Message January 27, 2020

We've Freed the Chefs from the Kitchen!

A "Lost Kitchen" uses only whole, identifiable foods. Fish, pork, prawns, turnips -- you name it-- come through the kitchen door looking like fish, pigs, prawns, and turnips. Nothing is purchased already cut up or shrink-wrapped. The Lost Kitchen also has the skills to create everything from the ground up, from "scratch" as they say. Here at The He ...READ MORE


Current Theme: Farmers Table

With harvest safely in, cooks and farmers partner for this winter's fete. Meet our ranchers and growers as The Herbfarm chefs fuse kitchen to dining room, entering the dining hall to cut, carve, present, and plate hearty fare, memorable libations, and indelible memories from the great Farmer's Table. Each night, one of our farmer or rancher friends will join us for dinner. Depending on availability, 5 to 8 guests may also opt to dine at the same table as the guest farmer. First come, though. So don't delay.