The Garden

The Garden

Each day's menu is finalized only hours before the meal to best represent the flavors of land and sea.


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The Herbfarm Garden

For much of the year, The Herbfarm's own kitchen gardens and nearby farm supply the restaurant with an ever changing harvest of common and unusual produce.

Bill Vingelen

Meet Ethan Bahe, The Herbfarm's Head Gardener

Ethan Bahe (pronounced like a sheep's call) is in charge of The Herbfarm's farm, which is located about a mile south of the restaurant. Ethan is responsible for growing year-round crops that are both typical (and sometimes atypical) of the plants that naturally grow in this region.

With a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Environmental Science from Iowa State University--and two years as the Farm Manager at Seattle Urban Farm Company--, Ethan comes with a keen understanding of the fundamental relationships between humans and the eco-system. He uses only organic methods at our farm. When he works the land with The Herbfarm's bio-diesel tractor, the air is sometimes scented with the fragrance of fresh earth and French fries.